`OLD MONK' Rum Painting !











Recently I painted this India's Legendary Rum `OLD MONK' commissioned by my good friend Meet Ahuja (@meetahujaclothing) who in turn gifted it to the CEO/Owner of the Mohan Meakins Company, the maker of the 'Old Monk' Rum and upon seeing the painting, the CEO himself called me to tell how happy he was with it and needless to say that I was extremely overjoyed !!😀

The painting was 18" X 24" and to make the painting more unique, I had actually used the original `OLD MONK' Rum which I poured over the canvas as well as mixed it with the paints so now the painting is quite intoxicating literally !!!😄 Cheers 🥃👍

`OLD MONK' Rum Painting in the making...

The Making of the `OLD MONK' Rum painting.The painting was 18" X 24" and to make the painting more unique, you can see here I am using the original `OLD MONK' Rum which I poured over the canvas as well as mixed it with the paints so now the painting is quite intoxicating literally !!!😄 Cheers 🥃👍



STEVEN SPIELBERG signs my Painting !!!

SPIELBERG signed my Hand-painted `CLOSE ENCOUNTERS...' T-shirt which I painted for my friend CYRIL from France. He went to Paris to attend `WAR HORSE' Premier and he got the T-shirt signed from Spielberg there!!!!! :D

SPIELBERG signing & commenting on my Painting !!!!

This video was taken by my friend CYRIL and my other friend ADRIAN is holding and getting my painting signed by Spielberg !!
Adrian Tchav is at - http://tchav.deviantart.com/gallery/
Cyril is at - http://cyrild4.deviantart.com/

SPIELBERG signing my Painting !!!!

Hand-painted `CLOSE ENCOUNTERS' T-shirt!!

`CLOSE ENCOUNTERS ..' T-shirt Painted for my friend CYRIL from France.
Left-pic is the T-shirt's front and Right-pic is on the back!!



Triptych(3-Panels), Oil on Canvas,Size-30" X 72"
Item located in Charlotte, NC, USA. Price on Request.
Free Shipping in USA.



Acrylic on Canvas,Size-18"X24".Item located in Charlotte,NC,USA.

~AVAILABLE~.PriceUS$499.99(All inclusive).Shipping extra if Outside USA.





Acrylic on Canvas,Size-18"X24".Item located in Charlotte,NC,USA.
Price on Request. Free Shipping in USA.



`THE PILLARS', Acrylic on Canvas, size 66" X 96" (5'6" X 8feet),
~COMMISSIONED~, Private Collection - Chennai, India.


`The PILLARS' Painting in Progress...

ELODIE's Pencil-Portrait

BIG Pencil-Portrait of my friend ELODIE ( @elocinquanta ) from Italy/Switzerland. When she came up with this Great POSE, I couldn't resist in making it into a Portrait!!Its on Paper measuring 22" X 28", I have used 8B Pencil for overall Portrait and Crayons for the Eyes!! ~Not-for-Sale~ Own Collection. The Reference Snap is at:- http://www.facebook.com/al​bum.php?aid=143712&id=2984​98554370#!/photo.php?fbid=​453861074370&set=a.2988126​89370.143712.298498554370 ELODIE's Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/El​odie50a


Mountain-Village Kids



This Portrait is of THAIS COSTA - a Stunningly Beautiful Model from BRAZIL.I met her on the Facebook and few months later she surprised me by coming to India and that too in my city-New Delhi, where she is doing modelling assignments for the Prestigious Magazines like - Gloria,Cosmopolitan,Harper's Bazaar,The Man, etc.This Portrait is my humble GIFT to her for being such a Wonderful friend..in person she's more Beautiful and very unassuming... Wishing Her All the Best the Life has to offer!!
The Portrait is in Acrylic on Canvas.The size is - 24" X 36"

Thais Costa with the Portrait

Beautiful THAIS COSTA posing with her Portrait in my Gallery/Studio at New Delhi, India on 25th July 2009!!
Thanks so much THAIS for your Visit - Vijay



Landscape of LADAKH, India

This is the Landscape of LADAKH,the highest populated land in INDIA bordering TIBET where the average elevation is 14,000 feet (4,267 meters) above sea-level!!! Painting is in Acrylic on Canvas , size: 48" X 30".

Indian Palace

`INDIAN PALACE' painted in Acrylic on Canvas,Size-24" X 30"
(Own Collection)


THAIS COSTA - Beautiful Brazilian Supermodel

Thais Costa is my Facebook Friend!

Her PORTRAITS in Pencil/Crayon,Size- 9cms. X 12cms.(Mar 2009)

~Not for Sale~


Acrylic on Canvas,Size- 30"X40".Private Collection USA.


Acrylic on Metallic Horizontal Window-Blind.Size-40" X 45".



HRITHIK ROSHAN - India's Greatest Dancer/Actor

Pencil & Crayons on Paper.Size-22"X22".Note the `COLORED' Eyes!!!


Acrylic on canvas,Size-24" X 36"
~AVAILABLE~.Item located in Charlotte,NC,USA.
Price:US$249.99(All inclusive).Shipping extra-if outside US.


Acrylic on Canvas, Size- 24" X 36".
~AVAILABLE~ (Own Collection)

Thais Costa's Comments


Acrylic on Canvas,Size-24"X36".~COMMISSIONED~ (2008).Painted for George Roshan for his `THE ALAMO' Vacation-Rental Ranch at Kodaikanal,South India. To Enjoy Ranch-style living,please visit George's Website- http://www.wilderness-explorer.com/index.html


Acrylic on Canvas,Size - 16" X 22"(2000).~Not for Sale~.Own Collection.

I implore the viewers if they can guess what this painting is about...I'll tell the viewers later individually!!!

PORTRAIT in Crayons!!

Portrait of AASIM in Crayons.Size-8.25"X11.4"(2002)

`MENU-CARD' Illustrations

Water-color Illustrations for the Menu-card. (2003)
Clients - Peter Miller & Lykke Miller (Denmark),
Owners of-`STONE OVEN RESTAURANT' at Gurgaon,India.

Inside Pages from the Menu-Card