HRITHIK ROSHAN - India's Greatest Dancer/Actor

Pencil & Crayons on Paper.Size-22"X22".Note the `COLORED' Eyes!!!


Acrylic on canvas,Size-24" X 36"
~AVAILABLE~.Item located in Charlotte,NC,USA.
Price:US$249.99(All inclusive).Shipping extra-if outside US.


Acrylic on Canvas, Size- 24" X 36".
~AVAILABLE~ (Own Collection)

Thais Costa's Comments


Acrylic on Canvas,Size-24"X36".~COMMISSIONED~ (2008).Painted for George Roshan for his `THE ALAMO' Vacation-Rental Ranch at Kodaikanal,South India. To Enjoy Ranch-style living,please visit George's Website- http://www.wilderness-explorer.com/index.html


Acrylic on Canvas,Size - 16" X 22"(2000).~Not for Sale~.Own Collection.

I implore the viewers if they can guess what this painting is about...I'll tell the viewers later individually!!!

PORTRAIT in Crayons!!

Portrait of AASIM in Crayons.Size-8.25"X11.4"(2002)

`MENU-CARD' Illustrations

Water-color Illustrations for the Menu-card. (2003)
Clients - Peter Miller & Lykke Miller (Denmark),
Owners of-`STONE OVEN RESTAURANT' at Gurgaon,India.

Inside Pages from the Menu-Card

Mural at STONE-OVEN Restaurant

Clients-Peter Miller & Lykke Miller(Denmark)

Owners of `STONE-OVEN' Restaurant at Gurgaon,India.

`WOMEN-PILGRIMS of South India'

Acrylic on Canvas, Size-22" X 34".Private Collection-Chennai,India.


Acrylic on Canvas,Size-12" X 15" (2002)

YEAR-BOOK's Cover Illustration

Cover-Illustration done for the Year-Book `IMAGINE' for the Prestigious AMERICAN School known as -`KODAIKANAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL' at Kodaikanal,South India. The School's Website is - http://www.kis.in/



Acrylic on Canvas, Size: 21" X 42". (Year 1999)
~Own Collection~

`CAT-NAPPING',Acrylic on A4 Size Ivory-Board Paper.

`Girl Reading book',Water-color,Size-6" X 8"


SLEEPING DEMON - Kumbhakaran

This is a Conceptual-art of Famous Demon-God `KUMBHAKARAN' from Indian Mythology - `RAMAYANA'.He was the brother of `RAVANA' and in this mythology it was supposed that Kumbhakaran used to Sleep for 6-months at a stretch and then was awake for 6-months!! I did this art for a Friend's Restaurant who wanted me to portray Kumbhkaran in modern-times and modern get-up and also getting awakened by the delicious aroma of the Food prepared at the Restaurant!!


With JEANINE from HOLLAND at my Cottage in Kodaikanal,South India.(1992)


For Cameron Blanchard,Australia

`GUNS N' ROSES', On T-shirt & Silk-Banner, Size- 36" X 42"(Silk-Banner).~COMMISSIONED~

Private Collection of Cameron Blanchard,Australia



PORTRAITS: The first step will be to determine an appropriate photo on which you would like your drawing to be based. The photo you select should be crisp and in focus. If you are ordering a bust, close ups help with details ( Should be like the `Reference Snap' shown on this page).You may send more than one photo to assist with accuracy but, please indicate which photo you would like your drawing based on. All photos will be returned with the completed Portrait in the medium of your choice- e.g.- drawing/sketching in pencil/pastel/crayon or in Oil or Acrylic. Please email digital photos as a Microsoft Word, PDF, Photoshop or JPEG attachment.

OTHER ARTWORKS: The Artwork shown on this blog is available for sale (where noted).Also if you like any work among already sold/commissioned work then you can order again for the same work of any size and medium of your choice. Or,
If you want to comission any other particular artwork which you would like to get painted then send me or e-mail the snap/s with your size & medium requirements.

I can paint anything and have painted on various surfaces such as Canvas, Walls, Plyboards,Hand-made paper,T-shirts,Leather Jackets,Caps,Jeans and even on Window-Blinds!

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The artwork is 100% Guaranteed to the clients satisfaction.If you are not satisfied a full refund will be made providedly the Artwork in question is returned.The paintings are delivered anywhere in the world for which postage & handling will be borne by the clients alongwith the artwork cost, which will be mutually consented to.Most of the paintings (done on canvas or paper) will be rolled in sealed sturdy plastic tubes - the framing etc.will have to be done by the clients at their end.

After I receive the photos, there is an approximate 3 weeks working period for pencil/pastel/crayon Portraits.6 weeks for Acrylic Portraits and 10 weeks for Oil Portraits.For other Artwork it'll depend on the complexity & the size. Please bear with me in case the artwork is delayed slightly since you must be aware of that one can't rush to get good results. (please allow more time during "gift-giving" holidays). Rush items can be ordered for an additional fee to be quoted with the price of the Artwork. Rush fees will be based on individual circumstances.

Special thanks to ELODIE!!

I would like to extend my special gratitude to ELODIE (my Actress/Model friend from Switzerland) for her Beautiful & Insightful comments on my Artworks. Coming from another Artist(She herself is an accomplished Artist!) it means the world to me. She is the most AMAZING person I have ever known who also happens to be my first Internet-friend. Thanking her again from the bottom of my Heart for highly appreciating my Artwork...I am really touched &  honored and wish all the Success & Happiness in the world to her !!

- Vijay