STEVEN SPIELBERG signs my Painting !!!

SPIELBERG signed my Hand-painted `CLOSE ENCOUNTERS...' T-shirt which I painted for my friend CYRIL from France. He went to Paris to attend `WAR HORSE' Premier and he got the T-shirt signed from Spielberg there!!!!! :D

SPIELBERG signing & commenting on my Painting !!!!

This video was taken by my friend CYRIL and my other friend ADRIAN is holding and getting my painting signed by Spielberg !!
Adrian Tchav is at - http://tchav.deviantart.com/gallery/
Cyril is at - http://cyrild4.deviantart.com/

SPIELBERG signing my Painting !!!!

Hand-painted `CLOSE ENCOUNTERS' T-shirt!!

`CLOSE ENCOUNTERS ..' T-shirt Painted for my friend CYRIL from France.
Left-pic is the T-shirt's front and Right-pic is on the back!!